CCaaS – Cloud or Bust!

CCaaS - Cloud or Bust!

Listen, you know the drill at this point, look around, premise-based everything has moved to the cloud, and for good reason. Put very simply, it’s just much more efficient to administer, it’s more agile and it’s easier to maintain, which ultimately makes it more cost effective for you.

The common barriers to moving to the cloud are sunk costs in premise-based solutions, a team of individuals to administer the premise-based architecture, including developers, hardware specialists and system specialists, significant training of internal staff, etc.

We know when you take a long hard look in the mirror though, that you have some major obstacles that are really becoming difficult challenges.

First Challenge – CRM and other cloud application integration

The world has moved to the cloud, but not your contact center. You know the challenges that come with integrating a premise-based architecture with cloud-based solutions has its own challenges and complexities. Networking issues, security issues, API integrations that are built for the cloud and the list goes on. The demands of today’s customer, partners and prospects requires a seamless experience and this requires your system to work together seamlessly and without fail.

Second Challenge – Employee Retention

The contact center workforce makes up a staggering 4% of the entire US public employment. So 1 in every 25 people out there work in a contact center. This means there’s quite a bit of competition and turnover in this market because the options are many. Does the top of the food chain employee want to leave a place that is using the best tools and processes currently available or will they be looking for the next place that offers these tools and conveniences for them to do the best job? Employee turnover costs contact centers millions of dollars a year in staff training. Giving your employees the ability to solve customer issues with one call is not only a huge boost to your customer’s experience, but it’s a huge boost to your employees job satisfaction.

Third Challenge – Customer Experience (CX)

This is the obvious one, because it’s the one that’s being talked about the most, but for obvious reasons. Your customer has many choices, whether you are a bank, a retailer, a manufacturer, every industry has a customer and therefore has a contact center requirement. Your customers want to communicate with you their favorite way, not the way you dictate to them. They may want to chat over social media, on the web, a phone call, a text, and on and on. The point is, your customer’s have a choice and premise-based technology is not providing them the best customer experience because it lacks these communication features and you and your team know this. Artificial intelligence isn’t integrated into most premise-based or even hybrid contact center solutions. As communication and AI continues to evolve, contact centers must evolve because your competition is making these investments and if you don’t you will be left behind.

We understand the challenges of time and seeming risk, but the time has come to make a move to cloud contact centers before your competition does, taking not only your customer’s but your very key employees with them.

We have 20+ years of contact center experience and our 10+ of Gartner’s best in class partners at our disposal. Start exploring now because this isn’t an area that you want to be left behind. We’ll be your co-pilot to help you navigate the CCaaS waters and make sure you find the best solution that fits your individual company needs.

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